How do I know if my car battery is dying?


battery under open hood ready to be checked to see if it is dyingDying car batteries are annoying. Dead car batteries are even more annoying when you’re stranded. However, that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you don’t watch for the signs of a failing car battery.

Inconsistent starting

If your car won’t start randomly, your battery could be the culprit. Instead of dealing with having to jump your car over and over (which eventually won’t work), talk to your mechanic about testing your battery.  Sometimes, your mechanic can tell there is an issue or they can diagnose the real reason your car won’t start.

Slow, rough starting

That long, drawn out rrrrrrr that you hear when your car is slow to start is more than an irritation—it’s the sign of a dying battery.  Don’t put up with it too long, because the battery is eventually going to permanently die.  Talk to your mechanic about a new battery now—and have them check for other causes—-so you don’t have to sit around and wait for your battery to fail.

Warning light

If you have a dashboard warning light come on that signals an electrical problem, call or email your mechanic and schedule an appointment. The problem could be an alternator or any number of problems, but one of the first places they are going to check is your battery.

What should I do if I think my car battery is dying?

Contact your mechanic to get your battery checked as soon as possible.  Your mechanic can hook up your battery to a load tester to see if your battery voltage is (or has been) low.

On average, batteries die between 3-5 years, so make sure you keep your receipt so you know when to ask your mechanic to replace your battery.  There’s also another good reason to keep the receipt: you can take the battery back during the warranty period if you have issues with it.

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