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Back-to-School Car Checklist that Gets You to School


happy collage school girl student portrait in classrom with well-maintained carStudents, you can’t live in denial any more: summer school practices are starting and back-to-school is right around the corner. Time to get ready with all the normal back-to-school activities: buy school supplies, make sure your closet is stocked, get your car ready for the commute.

The last item on the list may not be on your short list of getting ready for school, but it should be; you don’t want to be stranded trying to get back and forth to class or all the extra curricular activities that come with school.

Interior & Exterior

___ Clean out the inside of your car.

___ Vacuum the interior.

___ Add organizers for books and snacks.

___ Wipe down the dash.

___ Wash the exterior.

Car Maintenance

___ Check the battery.

___ Replace the air filter.

___ Schedule an oil change (or check your oil if you had one done recently).

___Check the tire tread and pressure (instructions here).

___ Replace tires (if needed).

___ Have your brakes checked.

___ Pack an emergency car kit (use this emergency car kit list).

If you have a check engine light on, you should also get that resolved before it causes further problems. Check with your mechanic to find out if your spark plugs need to be replaced to prevent engine misfires and that your suspension is ready for the commute to school.