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10 Car Care Tips That Keep Your Car On The Road


120Whether you’re a first-time car owner determined to protect your “baby,” a car owner looking to extend the life of your brand-new vehicle or a budget-conscious driver determined to keep your car on the road forever, we’re not going to lie to you: keeping your car going past the 200,000 mark (and beyond) takes work. So what’s the secret to keeping your odometer spinning and your car on the road? The answer is an investment of time and maintenance throughout the life of your car and these 10 car care tips:

  1. Never miss an oil change.
  2. Rotate your tires every 5-8,000 miles.
  3. Don’t ignore a Check Engine light.
  4. Put your car on a car maintenance schedule that keeps it running great.
  5. Listen to your car; don’t ignore common car noises. (They could signal trouble!)
  6. Invest in new brakes to avoid an accident.
  7. Watch for leaks under your car, and get leaks repaired (if needed) as soon as possible.
  8. Make sure your air filter doesn’t get dirty and restrict air flow.
  9. Watch for signs your spark plugs need to be changed.
  10. DON’T PROCRASTINATE; schedule appointment promptly with a mechanic you trust to do all the maintenance and repairs.

Remember, your car is going to need a lifetime of maintenance and parts replacement if you want to keep your car on the road. Even with routine car maintenance, your spark plugs are going to reach their end-life and brake pads wear down. For all that car work, make sure your “baby” is in the right hands. Find a local mechanic with convenient appointment times and the knowledge to keep your car on the road for a long, long time.