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The Short (& Sweet) Road Trip Checklist for Your Car


Rural road with sunset perfect for next road trip to get your car checked forThere are few feelings more awesome in life than hitting the road for a long weekend trip.  There are few feelings more crummy than being stuck on the road trying to get to your destination.  To make sure your car is safely on the road—and not waiting roadside for repair, take a few minutes before your long weekend road trip to check these important parts of your car:


The last thing anyone wants to deal with on vacation is failing brakes.  To avoid an accident or the ditch, schedule an appointment to make sure you have adequate wear left on your brake pads, shoes, and drums.


Your car tires are your primary contact with the road, so make sure you have enough tread to drive over hot, greasy pavement and am able to stop on a dime.  Have a mechanic check the tread wear indicators, or check them yourself. When you put a penny in the tread of your tires, you shouldn’t be able to see all of Lincoln’s head. If you can, it’s time for new tires that can battle through the snow.

Battery (and battery connections)

Don’t want to be stranded at your next rest stop (and we don’t know anyone who would)?  Get your battery tested to avoid any unexpected battery failures—and read our instructions on how to restart your battery just in case someone leaves a cabin light on all night.  If you have any doubts about the health of your car battery, or have experienced any signs of battery failure, schedule an appointment to have your battery tested, your battery connections inspected, and any corrosion or rust cleaned off.


You need to be able to see the road, right? Avoid a ticket and an accident by having your headlights checked and replaced for a (hopefully) smooth and visible road trip.

Windshield wipers

Don’t overlook the importance of a good windshield wiper.  Windshield wipers may not take up a lot of space on your car, but they make a big difference when you’re driving through a rain storm on your next spring trip.  To get your windshield wipers, headlights, brakes, battery, and tires checked quickly so you can concentrate on important things—like packing!—take your car into your local repair shop to get your road trip check complete and your car safely off on your road trip.