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The Lazy Car Owner’s Car Maintenance Checklist (By Mileage)


Your car needs regular vehicle maintenance to ensure that your car stays on the road longer and with less breakdowns. Regular battery checks keep you from being stranded with a dead battery. Regular transmission flushes protect against premature transmission failures. The list of vehicle maintenance and benefits from maintaining a car maintenance schedule can go on and on.

You can find a complete car maintenance checklist in your vehicle owner’s manual, but who has time for that? If you’re a car owner who doesn’t, this car maintenance schedule can help keep your car running better and longer. A well-maintained vehicle is also easier to sell and can bring you a higher resale price. Contact (and get to know) a local trusted mechanic who can keep your car on the road and the boxes checked off on your car maintenance checklist.

Car Maintenance Every 3,000 miles

___Use tire pressure gauge to check tire pressure & fill up as needed

___Check oil level

___Inspect windshield washer

___Turn on headlights and tail lights to see if there are any burned out bulbs

___ Check transmission fluid level

___ Inspect vehicle belts and hoses for rips, wear and tear

___ Examine car battery and cables for corrosion and damage

___Check tire tread for amount of tread (every 3,000 miles and more often as the tires wear)

___ Change the oil (every 3-10,000 miles depending on the type of oil and auto manufacturer recommendations)

Every 15-30,000 miles

___Replace the cabin air filter

___ Purchase a new air filter (If the vehicle is driven on dusty roads, the air filter should be replaced every 15,000 miles.)

Every 30,000 miles

___ Have new tires mounted and balanced (every 30-60,000 miles depending on the type of tires, amount of miles driven, and amount of tire tread)

___ Replace spark plugs (every 30-100,000 miles depending on the spark plug specifications, earlier if these signs of worn spark plugs are present)

___ Flush the power steering fluid (every 30-100,000 fluid, have the system inspected if fluid level is low)

___ Replace vehicle brakes (approximately every 25-70,000 miles, earlier if there are any signs of worn brakes)

___ Inspect the fuel pump

Every 50-60,000 miles

___Flush the automatic transmission fluid (every 50-150,000 miles, earlier if the transmission fluid is dark red or brown)

___ Replace the battery (typically every 3-5 years, earlier if the battery show signs of a failing battery)

___ Replace the fuel pump (every 60-90,000 miles depending on condition)

Your Complete Car Maintenance Checklist


car getting oil change in need of part replacementWant your car to last a long time? Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your car on the road and reaching “high mileage beauty” status. If you don’t have the time (or expertise) to keep up with regular car checks and maintenance, finding a mechanic you can trust can be just as vital for getting as many miles as possible out of your vehicle. Once you’ve found that mechanic, schedule regular car appointments (and allocate time as needed for do-it-yourself checks) to keep up with your car maintenance checklist.

Regular Car Checks

___Check tire pressure

___Check oil level

___Check windshield washer

___Check headlights and tail lights

___Check transmission fluid (every 3,000 miles)

___Check belts and hoses (every 3,000 miles)

___Check battery and cables (every 3,000 miles)

___Check tire tread for amount of tread and signs of unbalanced car (every 3,000 miles and more often as the tires wear)

Replacement Schedule

___ Oil Change (Change oil every 3-10,000 miles depending on the auto manufacturer recommendations.)

___Cabin Air Filter (Replace every 15-30,000 miles or once a year. Check the owner’s manual for their recommendation.)

___ Air Filter (Replace every 15-30,000 miles depending on driving conditions. If you drive through dusty areas, your air filter is going to need to be replaced every 15,000 miles.)

___ Brakes (Replace every 25-70,000 miles. The exact mileage depends on the type of brakes, driving style, type of vehicle, and amount of braking. Watch for these signs of brake failure and ask your mechanic to check them at every oil change.)

___ Tires (Replace every 30-60,000 miles depending on the type of tires and amount of miles driven)

___ Spark plugs (Replace every 30-100,000 miles depending on the kind of spark plugs)

___Power Steering Fluid (Flush every 30-100,000 fluid. Have the system checked if the fluid is low)

___Automatic Transmission Fluid (Replace every 50-150,000 miles. Check the transmission fluid for condition and consult the owner’s manual to determine exact mileage for replacement.)

___ Battery (Replace every 3-5 years)

___Fuel Pump (Replace every 60-90,000 miles depending on condition. Check it every 30,000 miles.)

Your replacement schedule may be slightly different, depending on the amount of miles and kind of driving you do. For a customized maintenance list for your vehicle, ask your mechanic for their recommendations and follow their schedule closely.