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Give the gift that keeps giving…tires?


michelin_tires_watertown_tire_shopYou may have never considered a set of tires as a Christmas present, but maybe you should. A set of tires can make anyone’s eyes light up, and for very good reason:

  • Tires can keep your son, daughter, cousin, friend, niece or nephew on the road. With our Wisconsin winters, a set of all-season or snow tires can improve traction when traveling through the snow. By giving tires, you’re not only keeping your gift recipient on the road, you are also giving yourself the peace of mind knowing they are safer.
  • The gift of tires is the gift that your gift recipient can use all year long. If you buy all-season tires, your gift recipient can keep driving through the Wisconsin snowy winters and summer thunderstorms. If you buy snow tires, your gift recipient can remove their existing all-season tires and have them remounted in the summer. This simple act saves them money by lengthening the life of their tires.
  • A driver with old tires is a driver at risk. Don’t know how to tell if you need tires? Read our recent blog post for an easy way to tell. Tires without adequate tread lose traction and can even hydroplane on wet roads putting your gift recipient at danger during our wet Wisconsin weather.
  • For a gift recipient on a budget, new tires are a huge help. We all know a college student or single parent who is counting their pennies. New tires are not always in the budget, but necessary for anyone who needs to get back and forth to work or school. Tires are a practical gift that gives you, and them, peace of mind about their driving and budget.
  • Tires are perfect for car owners who regard their cars as their babies. Know someone with a muscle car or project car? Give them tires for one of their most highly prized possession so they can take their baby out for a spin, and enjoy time together on the road.

Whether you are giving the gift as a practical necessity, or fun accessory for their project car, contact or stop in at Tire-Rifik. We can help you find the proper size tire that makes you, and your gift recipient happy. Now your only challenge is finding wrapping paper and a bow large enough to cover your set of tires.

Give the gift of…oil changes?


engineWhile an oil change doesn’t sound like the sexiest gift, the gift of an oil change is the gift that keeps giving your car life, and frees up money for other fun things. We all know someone who would benefit from a gift certificate that could cover their oil changes, but here’s a few gift recipients who would REALLY appreciate oil changes this holiday:

  • College students. Your college student is worried about grades, friends and their budget. Free up some money in their budget. Purchase a gift certificate to help them out.
  • Busy moms and dads. Busy parents have a lot on their plate, and oil changes come last on the to do list. But they need a working car to ferry their kids around, and that means they need oil changes. Help them out with the gift of an oil change or a few oil changes.
  • Grandparents & parents. Have a parent or grandparent who has everything? Or do you have a great grandma who loves her van Bessie? Give them the gift of convenience, or help them out by taking their beloved car for an oil change so they don’t have to worry about it.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a heated garage (or even a garage). No one likes to change the oil during our cold Wisconsin winters, especially in a hard and cold parking lot or on the street. Keep them warm, and their car running through the coldest of Wisconsin winters.
  • Let’s be honest: with the exception of a few car enthusiasts, anyone really busy would enjoy the gift that helps them save time and money. Know a young professional trying to keep up with a busy calendar? Or a workaholic who doesn’t have time for anything else? Give them a gift that gives beyond the holidays.

So how do you give the gift of an oil change? Start by considering location and convenience. If you have a college student who comes home on the weekends, purchase a gift certificate at their hometown auto repair shop in Watertown. Then head over to TireRifik in Watertown to purchase the gift that keeps everyone’s cars going without inconvenient breakdowns—and that’s the gift that everyone can appreciate.