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5 Car Gift Ideas That Leaves You and Your Car Purring


holiday gift that can keep the car on the roadWhether your gift recipient is a new driver, new car owner, college student, young parent, or the person who has everything, the best holiday gift may not always be a new sweater. Have you considered getting them a gift for their car? Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about giving the gift that’ll keep them on the road, and their “baby” in top shape.

Oil changes for a year

If your gift recipient is local, give them an added bonus: take their car in for oil changes for them, or do the oil changes for them at their (or your) home. For a more distant gift recipient, such as a college student, give them a gift certificate to a shop so they don’t have to worry about the expense.

Transmission fluid flush

Many car owners don’t get a flush of their transmission fluid because they don’t have the money or time, even though their car regularly and desperately needs it. While you can’t help them with time, you can get a gift certificate for the flush—making both them and their car happy, and preventing an expensive transmission failure.


tires for car giftsYour tires are your primary contact with the road, making them vitally important when road conditions are wet or slippery. If you have a gift recipient who hasn’t thought of it, or just can’t afford them, give them (and yourself) peace of mind. Buy them a set of tires if they don’t know how to select the right tires, or get them a gift certificate to aid with the purchase.

Snow tires

Have a friend or family member that hates to drive in the snow? Someone who doesn’t want to leave their garage when the weather forecast includes a winter storm? If your gift recipient doesn’t have a choice but to venture out in the snow, help them get a set of snow tires. Snow tires can’t keep your friend or family member from going out in the snow, but they can give the security and traction your gift recipient needs to take on that forecasted polar vortex—and all the snow that comes with it.

Good detail

If you have a gift recipient who doesn’t let anyone eat in their car, or lets everyone eat in their car, a good car detail is the perfect holiday present. Do your research to find a reputable car detailer so you don’t get “taken to the cleaners” as well.