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Last Minute Holiday Driving Checklist


woman driving to family holidayHeaded out to visit your family and friends for the holiday season? You’re not alone. AAA estimates that more than 90 million Americans travel more than 50 miles during the holidays. Before you hit those crowded highways, use this checklist to make your travel merry and keep you from being stranded on the side of the road in our Wisconsin winter weather.

Week before your trip

___Schedule an oil change and get any other routine maintenance done.

___Replace your battery (if you experience any of these signs of a worn out battery).

___Pack an emergency roadside kit (with these emergency items).

___Put your tow truck number in your cell phone.

___Double check that your spare tire kit is complete.

___Check your tire pressure (here’s how to check your tire pressure).

___Test your tire tread depth (if it’s low, contact your mechanic for new tires before your trip!).

___Replace any worn windshield wiper blades.

Days before your trip

___Map out your route.

___Watch weather reports.

___Pack snacks.

___Load up on entertainment for your passengers.

___Fill up your windshield reservoir.

___Check your oil.

___Take along tunes that keep you alert.

___Pack everything you need for a fun family holiday (gifts, suitcases, warm winter gear, etc.)

Once you are ready for the road, have a safe and happy holiday trip!