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Car Maintenance You Shouldn’t Put Off


You don’t want to get in an accident. You don’t want your car to breakdown. You don’t want to go in the ditch, and you certainly don’t want to pay for a tow truck to come get you. So why are you putting off regular car maintenance?

Though car maintenance appointments may seem like a hassle, car maintenance is IMPORTANT—both for extending the life of your car and keeping money in your pocketbook. Putting off regular car maintenance can damage other parts of your car or cause engine or transmission failure, all of which cost you more money throughout the life of your car. So what car maintenance should you stay on top of?

  1. Oil changes. An engine without regular oil changes is an engine that costs their owner thousands of dollars over the life of the car. The cost of regular oil changes and time spent saves car owners money and inconvenience when your car breaks down. Ask your car mechanic how often you need an oil change, as the amount of miles can vary depending on the type of oil used.
  2. Tires checked and rotated. Regular rotation of your tires ensures that tires wear evenly, and can even prevent surprise flat tires. An inspection of your tires can also find holes that allow air to leak slowly.
  3. Brakes. It’s normal for brakes to make occasional squeaking sounds when they get wet. If the squeak doesn’t go away, or if the noise is a grinding noise, your vehicle needs attention. If you don’t get your brakes looked it, and possibly replaced, brake failure is inevitable—leaving you in the midst of an accident you caused or in a ditch waiting for a tow truck.
  4. Disgusting air filter. We won’t tell you how disgusting your air filter can get, but we will tell you that part of your regular car maintenance should include replacing or cleaning that gross air filter. A dirty air filter can choke your engine of air, causing performance issues and damage over the life of your car.

In addition, track the age of your spark plugs and battery, two car parts that are integral to a smooth-starting and running car. Spark plugs should be changed every 30,000-100,000 miles, depending on the kind of spark plugs in your car. Car batteries can show signs of age every 3-5 years, and usually give car owners clues that it’s time for car battery replacement. If you don’t know the age of your spark plugs or car battery, have your mechanic check your spark plugs and battery at your next oil change appointment. Don’t put the appointment off. Schedule an appointment for your car today for the sake of you and your pocketbook.

Give the gift of…oil changes?


engineWhile an oil change doesn’t sound like the sexiest gift, the gift of an oil change is the gift that keeps giving your car life, and frees up money for other fun things. We all know someone who would benefit from a gift certificate that could cover their oil changes, but here’s a few gift recipients who would REALLY appreciate oil changes this holiday:

  • College students. Your college student is worried about grades, friends and their budget. Free up some money in their budget. Purchase a gift certificate to help them out.
  • Busy moms and dads. Busy parents have a lot on their plate, and oil changes come last on the to do list. But they need a working car to ferry their kids around, and that means they need oil changes. Help them out with the gift of an oil change or a few oil changes.
  • Grandparents & parents. Have a parent or grandparent who has everything? Or do you have a great grandma who loves her van Bessie? Give them the gift of convenience, or help them out by taking their beloved car for an oil change so they don’t have to worry about it.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a heated garage (or even a garage). No one likes to change the oil during our cold Wisconsin winters, especially in a hard and cold parking lot or on the street. Keep them warm, and their car running through the coldest of Wisconsin winters.
  • Let’s be honest: with the exception of a few car enthusiasts, anyone really busy would enjoy the gift that helps them save time and money. Know a young professional trying to keep up with a busy calendar? Or a workaholic who doesn’t have time for anything else? Give them a gift that gives beyond the holidays.

So how do you give the gift of an oil change? Start by considering location and convenience. If you have a college student who comes home on the weekends, purchase a gift certificate at their hometown auto repair shop in Watertown. Then head over to TireRifik in Watertown to purchase the gift that keeps everyone’s cars going without inconvenient breakdowns—and that’s the gift that everyone can appreciate.