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6 Truck & Camper Checks to Do BEFORE You Go Camping


campers enjoying their camping trip after checking their camper connectionsIt’s one of Wisconsinites’ favorite past times—and a great way to spend this weekend.  Before you head out on the road with your camper or RV, however, make sure you double check more than just your camping supplies so you’re not stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow.


Make sure all your connections are secure on your hitch, then check your camper lights to see if they work.  Test all your interior and exterior lights, and drive your truck and camper back and forth to see if everything works.

If your camper is hooking up to electric and water at the campground, make sure you have everything you need for the connection—so you’re not stuck in the dark or without water.


Get down on your hands and knees and check the brakes on your truck to see if they are in good shape.  When you test drive your truck and camper back and forth, make sure your vehicle stops promptly and doesn’t show any signs of brake replacement.  You don’t want your brakes to fail at a key point when you’re towing, such as on a hill or at a stop sign.


Tires low on air pressure, or over the maximum air pressure, are vulnerable to blow outs and can affect the gas mileage of your vehicle.  As such, check the tires on your truck and camper carefully.  Don’t forget to pull out your spare and make sure it’s inflated in case of a flat.  In addition to ensuring your tires have the correct tire pressure, check for any small punctures and scratches on your truck and camper tires.


Campers coming off trucks…it is rare, but it does happen.  To ensure that it doesn’t happen to you, double and triple check your hitch.  Make sure it’s securely connected so you don’t end up in the police blotter because of a runaway camper.


Check your truck’s oil, coolant, and transmission fluid to ensure they are filled, clean, and ready to tow.  If any of your fluids are consistently low, or are dirty, make an appointment so your truck is ready to hit the open road, you’re not damaging your truck’s engine or transmission, and you’re not stuck on the side of the road calling for a tow.


Before heading to the campground, make sure you know the weight of your camper and if your vehicle is rated to tow it.  Pulling a camper too heavy compromises the safety of your vehicle, can damage your truck, and keep you from enjoying your camping trip.