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Why does my car (or truck) squeal?


car mechanic working on car that is squealingNo one wants THAT car: the squealing car that becomes a head-turner; you know squealing car that EVERYONE notices (not for the right reasons) and makes them wince when you drive by (or brake, or start up, or…).  Worse yet is when a squealing car turns into a broken down car and you’re stranded on the side of the road.  If your car is squealing, here are some of the most common reasons why and what to do about it.

Serpentine belt

Your vehicle thrives on a working serpentine belt, which keeps your AC, power steering pump, and other vital parts of your car going.  If you notice a squealing from under the hood, ask your mechanic to check your serpentine belt to see if it needs to be replaced. Don’t wait too long; a broken serpentine belt means a broken down vehicle, leaving you stranded.


All car or truck brakes squeal on occasion; it’s time to be concerned when the squealing is consistent and doesn’t stop.  Vibrations, pulling to the right or left when braking, and a soft pedal are other signs that you need to make an appointment with your mechanic for brake replacement.

Power steering pump

Your power steering pump is part of the system that helps you turn the steering wheel easily.  If you are having problems turning or your car starts squealing when you start it up, try adding power steering fluid. If that doesn’t make the squealing stop (or make turning the steering wheel easier), make an appointment to get your power steering pump checked (and replaced if needed).


If you hear squealing, worn alternator bearings may be to blame.  Since your alternator recharges your battery and provides electrical power, this is a major problem that needs to be addressed.  Visit your mechanic to get your alternator replaced and get you back on the road (without the squealing!).