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Truck Repair & Maintenance Tips that Keep Your Truck on the Road


truck working in field with combineAsk any pick-up truck owner and they’ll tell you: a truck is more than just a truck.  It’s a workhorse, a heavy hauler, a tow truck when needed, and a reliable part of your vehicle fleet.  Maintaining the latter part—reliability—of your truck requires a truck maintenance and repair schedule that minimizes breakdowns and keeps your workhorse working.

Make preventative maintenance a priority

When you’re busy hauling or your truck is working fine, it’s easy to just keep working. But don’t let that purring engine and reliable tow fool you; preventative maintenance is essential to extend the life of your truck—and how long it can work for you.

Establish a regular schedule of oil changes, transmission oil changes, and tire rotation with a local mechanic to keep your truck going (or maintain the schedule yourself).  Package as much of your service and maintenance together into one visit to limit the days your truck is out service.  In between scheduling oil changes and maintenance, check your oil and tire pressure on a regular basis.  Don’t let your TPMS sensor tell you when to check your tire pressure; we’ve seen customers whose tires were more than 10 pounds low without triggering the TPMS sensor.  If you don’t have time, find a mechanic who you can trust with your truck—and can get it done quickly so you can get back to work.

Put good tires on your truck

As tempting as it may be to purchase and mount the first set of tires you find, do your homework and select the right set of truck tires. Look for tires that can handle the weight of the loads you haul, provides maximum off-road traction, and on-road handling.  Buying the right kind of truck tires is not only an investment in daily driving; the right tires wear correctly, preventing breakdowns and protecting suspension parts.

Once you have the right tires mounted, check your tire pressure regularly for a smooth ride, protected suspension parts, and optimum fuel efficiency. Check your tire pressure when the tires are cold (have not been driven for three hours) on a regular seasonal basis.

Keep the number of a good road service company handy

When your workhorse pickup does break down, store the number of a good road service company in your wallet or phone.  A good road service company responds to your breakdown and gets your pickup working again—saving you time and getting your truck (and you) working again.