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14 Tips that Prepare You (& Your Car) for Winter Travel


wintry road in the middle of snow stormWe live in Wisconsin. Our state does not shut down for snow—or any crazy winter weather, for that matter! That’s why we all should take a few minutes to prepare our car for the treacherous winter roads that are part of winter driving.


  1. Schedule all oil changes well in advance so you’re ready for your holiday travel.
  2. Have your oil replaced with a lighter weight for the winter.
  3. Check and fill your antifreeze fluid.


  1. Keep your washer fluid reservoir filled so you have clear visibility during winter storms.
  2. Replace your windshield wipers.

Preparedness Tips

  1. Stock up your winter emergency kit (here’s what to pack in your car before the snow hits).
  2. Keep a pair of boots in your car in case you go off the road.
  3. Put road flares in your car so other motorists can see you if you need to pull over.


  1. Check your tire tread to ensure your tires have traction when you need it.
  2. Put new snow tires on so you can make it through the snow. (Find out the difference between all-season and snow tires.)

Preventative Tips

  1. If your dashboard lights are on, get your car in to your mechanic to diagnose and repair any problems.
  2. Have your battery checked and replaced, if needed (watch for these signs that it’s time for a new battery).
  3. Schedule an appointment to get your car a general check-up (hoses, belts, suspension, etc.).
  4. Don’t wait to get your brakes replaced when they wear down (look for these signs of worn brakes).